Sunday, February 12, 2012

Good Love

I grew up listening to mostly RnB songs thanks to my mom and Whitney Houston's definitely been part of the many singers I've listened to as a kid. Just like most people today who mourn the loss of a true super star, I couldn't help but feel as devastated to learn that Whitney Houston has passed away at 48. I know most people go about saying how all of a sudden everyone's the biggest fan when someone famous and legendary dies...I say why not? It's just not fair anymore to think of who the world's biggest fan is when the real story here is the death of a legend.

It is quite chilling to realize that I've been hearing a lot of Whitney on the radio lately (if you're a Morning Rusher on RX 93.1 you know what I mean), been flipping through channels and seeing The Bodyguard frequently on HBO these past weeks and me and my best of friends always sing Whitney songs (among the billions of songs we sing when we're together) just because we all love how no one could ever reach Whitney notes and then I see news of her passing away. Is it possible then that somehow humans really could tell when final curtains will be drawn? It's just a thought.

But as I've said, the real story here is of Whitney and her pure, unparalleled talent and passion for her art. She's definitely touched many lives, made memories worth remembering thanks to her songs, influenced countless artists both famous and unknown and without her music, music itself wouldn't be as exciting and soaring as her incredible voice.

Somehow listening to her sing of heartbreak or new romances makes love, a million folds better. It's as if love in whatever state or form resembles a real drama, where love starts small and sweet, soars up incredibly high and then eventually dies down a memory so beautiful, it'll make you cry.

She will always be loved, remembered and revered. You Give Good Love, 20 plus years ago, saw a young Whitney, innocent, hungry and ready for the burning spotlight. My favorite song of hers. For the thousands of hopefuls out there, here is a legend that will take lifetimes to come close to.

Definitely gave good love.

R.I.P. Whitney Houston

- Gerard

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