Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Danny Boy

What you drinking?
Daniel Radcliffe for British Esquire for March 2012
There came a time I felt so tired of seeing Daniel Radcliffe on a magazine cover. I think it was GQ and/or DETAILS which had the Radcliffe cover fever years back and I just wanted to tell them that somehow, Radcliffe didn't seem like a fitting cover boy for a magazine. 

That was during his Harry Potter days. Now at 22 and starring in the unnerving and haunting The Woman in Black  British Esquire puts the superstar on their cover and I approve (as if my opinion matters)...But seriously, I think he now fits a men's magazine. He looks great, he's got the best facial lines you'd starve for and the cover's just exciting, especially the one available on the newsstands.
I have question though, what's that white shirt with the bug on it?! I love, love, love it! Go grab your copies guys! Worth every penny.
Newsstand cover
It's the bugged shirt....Which designer is this? I think DSquared2 had something like this before.
Sorry, incredibly clueless.

The look and the photo is typical Esquire 

the HAIR everybody.

- Gerard

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