Saturday, January 7, 2012

Campaigning 1

Gymnasts in Chanel. Spring 2012

Spring 2012 on the campaign trail looks promising and exciting. 

If you're a hardcore fashion kid or a huge fan of good-looking anything, these campaigns are always on your to-check list before the seasons start. Since 2008 I've been hooked on who stars in the latest campaigns, who photographed them, how everything looks and most of all, if my favorites got any big deals this season. I'm glad Garrett Neff is romancing the beautiful Ashley Greene for DKNY. 

Also excited for BJ Pascual's Michael Cinco campaign. It's the only Filipino designer and campaign that I've included cause it's just fantastic. It did remind me of Alexander McQueen to an extent, but don't you dare say it's a copy or less beautiful just because. So, I introduce to you, the very first Great-looking weekend for the year. Here are my favorite Spring 2012 campaigns all sourced from my favorite website,  Part 2 next weekend!

Silence. Akris Spring 2012's stays on minimal territories, contrary to the obvious
opulence and extravagance that Spring 2012 fashion brings.

Lots of vintage appeal here, I just couldn't put the finger on it. 50s or 60s?
Alex Dunstan looks great: the hair, the eyes, the clothes.

It's not Linda Evangelista, it's everyone's favorite muse: Arizona Muse.
I like this cause it has a cinematic effect. The clothes though...are alright.

This won me over. I remember having a headache just thinking of words to describe Prada's Spring 2012
Menswear collection. With Michael Pitt starring in its campaigns it adds to the brand a clearer look and
character. Pitt is a perfect Prada man plus he makes those quirky clothes a lot more macho. Great job.

I loved Bottega's menswear. Though I couldn't save my life to wear these dyed denim pairs,
their sweaters are incredible. I love the subtle energy the campaign sends off.

Imagine, even as small as a thumbnail I knew it was Garrett Neff.
Ashley Greene looks dangerous here, and I love it. 

The face! Simon Nessman's Giorgio Armani campaign highlights his best asset: his lips.
Where could I get trousers like that? Aside from Armani... Help.

I want to research the story behind Jil Sander's Spring 2012 campaigns.
There's something about it that might've been taken from a film, not sure.
But Clement's here and Natasha Poly too, both equally stunning.

Cinco's works are always stunning. Combined with BJ's photography and a concept that is
essentially simple but looks incredibly complex, these ones are made to wow. This is a
campaign Filipinos are proud of. I'm excited to see other local designer campaigns...

It's the styling really, which makes this campaign special. And it's genius styling indeed.

Adam Senn has been one of Dolce & Gabbana's The Beatles (Gandy, Mills & Webb)
and I'm happy the sexy Senn is finally starring in his own Dolce & Gabbana campaign
for their new scent.

Do we still have to talk about this? Mila Kunis is perfect. Period.
Christian Dior's handbags Spring 2012.

Anything with Natasha Poly on it is a great photo/campaign/show.
Her body, her face and the colors of Proenza Schouler's Spring 2012 collection
make you want to go to the beach or go stylishly stranded on an island.

Another favorite. Giselle is just everywhere and I won't be surprised if this super would have more campaigns this year.
I love the whole surfer theme and how it's all dark, stylish and somewhat dangerous. 
This is another cinematic campaign. Had this been a film I directed and wrote, I'd call it The Walk. Or probably
The Shade. Valentino's signature red too makes it more memorable. 

- Gerard


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