Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What G dreams of now.

The very first model I've actually interviewed.
Jules "Super Cool" Schratter.

Jules Schratter, the man I consider a fairy Godfather (it was the first thing that came to mind) is responsible for making one of my many dreams come true (like posting on his Tumblr a Garrett Neff photo and dedicating it to me, and allowing me a very candid interview, both of which has humbled me beyond words).
But everything would really come true if I see, in my mail, one day, someday, photos of Garrett Neff, Sean O'pry and the wish-granting, super cool Jules Schratter holding up signs of "Big Up G" soon.
Y'all know it's almost Milan Fashion Week right and y'all know all the best stuff happens during those times...For me at least. So yeah, I am praying to God that at least he'd grant me this one.
I've been feeling down lately for reasons I'd be happy to share, but aren't necessary and I'd probably live ten years happier if I saw those photos.
Anyway, that's actually one of the best and simplest things a person who blogs about models could ever ask for.
Jules, I hope you read this...
You're my Saint, remember?

(NOTE: Sleepblogging, reason why it sorta reads like a drunkard typing away...But, still, this is what I dream of happening)

- Gerard


  1. Wishing you coming it true, Gerard ! Congrats on having such a great model fairy godfother :)

  2. Thanks James.
    HEY! I think Jules posted a photo of your Bobby on his Tumblr. I'm not quite sure, but I think it's Bobby Nick... Hmmm...
    And yeah, I might need a new title for Jules instead of "fairy godfather". :)))

  3. Haven't been browsing TumblR for quite a long time, and found these posted by him this morning :P It's so great to find out about such cool pics at 7 AM when you barely have time to browse the web before going to work. He looks so casually charming on those pics. And it's good to know he appears in the same environment as Jules does, so maybe he'll happen to snap his pics now and then. (yes, that's very hintful obvious wishful thinking ;-)