Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Exit: An Open Letter to Batch 2011

So true. 

I'm skipping the awful sentiments, about how it felt like only yesterday and all that crap...
...Actually, it does feel like it was all yesterday. It's cliche, but it always feels like the first day of college. You barely know anybody and you think everybody's wayyy better than you (or if you're suffering superiority complex, everyone's not worth your time) when in fact, you're probably all just the same: kinda ugly, soon-to-be real great-looking kids who'll be shuffling through carpeted hallways to the next class, all for the sake of becoming who we're supposed to be.

So, for the record, I really didn't expect my college life to be such an amazing journey. I was set on being alone and just dedicating four years of my life to never having fun and just burying my face in books and readings (cause I always thought high school was where fun ended). But then I met lots of amazing people, professors included, who've been nothing but the most brilliant people you could ever meet in college. Surprisingly, even those people you think you'd never like you end up praising simply because they're not at all bad people.

What I'll be cherishing the most about college is definitely the school. They tell you that what you love about the school is actually the people, and had you been placed somewhere else with the same people, the setting wouldn't have mattered. In my case, I owe all of the greatness to my school. The University of Asia & the Pacific has opened me up to a culture I'd gladly carry around with me even to my last breath. This institution has taught me how to speak, write, listen, learn, create, appreciate, educate, understand and most of all, leave the mind, heart and soul open for just about everything. Four years has definitely whipped me into great shape in all aspects of life and credit goes to UA&P. Here, I have come to learn that we write our own stories, weave our own destinies and most definitely change the face of life itself for my own and for others. Here, I have come to learn that you could be as limitless as you want yourself to be. And here I have come to learn that the only thing you could do is be your best for yourself and for others.

Li De Torres, editor in chief of our superb yearbook, mentioned how the design of our book was inspired by matches (or something like that) and that they believed---my talented friends who have worked day and night to publish something all of us will be keeping forever, all of us were made to be great people someday soon. The whole "trailblazing" idea is great, really and that's how I feel after having completed education and my short life in UA&P. I am definitely one of the many trailblazers this university has groomed and I'm beyond glad to have shared it with fellow trailblazers, whom I believe, will be exceeding expectations in the future.

Of course, college would never be a four-chapter ride if it weren't for all the people involved: my family, my college and high school friends, my professors and just simply everyone behind it. Sartre tells you Hell is other people. And somebody else says man can never stand alone...Maybe they're both right and maybe what they're trying to say is that you just simply couldn't live without hell. I'm kidding. No, really, university life would have been a long, snail kind of travel if it weren't for these people. College wouldn't matter if it weren't for these people and I thank them for everything, for the best and worst of times and for the love they have shared with me. 

And the most important one of all, God...All of this would never be if it weren't for Him. Thank you and I love you.

Upon our exit of collegiate life, sometime after the amazing post-grad party, you'll wake up and say it's all back to normal. Then we complain that we're bored. Then we start enjoying the bum life. Then we complain about the first day of work or not having the best boss in the world. Then we tweet about the greatest love we've found. Then we get married. Then we have kids. Then we become parents. Then we become grandparents. Then we perish, like candles long standing and burning...

...Somewhere in between, we've become what our dreams have whispered us to be: writers, models, engineers, professors, government officials, public servants, artists, poets, celebrities, race car drivers, athletes, musicians, designers, business tycoons, personalities, idols, legends... 

And while we're never sure of tomorrow, what we could reach is the fact that before all of this happens, we were once mere promises and potentials waiting for this exact exit...

To the fulfillment of promises, to putting an end to potentialities, to changing the world and to being the best we could ever be...

Congratulations my friends, for this exit we shall never forget.

See you around kids.

- Gerard

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