Saturday, May 7, 2011

Beauty-ing the Weekend

Been doing my homework this weekend and after visiting most of the blogs and websites I frequent, I am pleased to say that everything's looking splendid lately. You know that when inspiration comes, you better drink it hard while it's there. Without further a do, here is the splendid, artsy, super beautiful weekend of everything that matters!

Lanvin's little girls collection @ DesignScene

She sewed to dazzle her daughter, and in doing so dazzled the world. ---- Louise de Vilmorin on Jeanne Lanvin's love for her daughter

Sean O'pry for Wonderland Magazine
Everytime I look at Sean O'pry, The Picture of Dorian Gray comes to mind. I could might as well write O'pry a novel...He's that handsome, it'll sometimes sting your heart and no piece of medication would ever cure it. I would never know if it's jealousy or a strong admiration for humans blessed and kissed by God on the cheek that I'm feeling...Whatever it is, it's incredibly strong. Beauty's a gift O'pry, take care of it.

Arabian Harper's Bazaar featuring Houda Shretah

Houda Shretah stars in this damn right sexy and beautiful swimsuit story shot by Jeff Tse for Arabia's Harper's Bazaar. Need I say more? Let the photos do the talking, I am currently recovering from a heart attack.

The expensive Twin magazine @ Selectism
I have no idea, what Twin magazine is. But from the looks of it (and that $ 35 price tag), I believe it's quality publication right here. I want one. Anybody willing to give me a copy?

The Cindy painting (not the title of the painting) by Daniel Peddle 
Boys' First Looks by Daniel Peddle

I badly want to go check out Daniel Peddle's The Undertow at NPCAC New York. I mean, look at those water color paintings? Beautiful... I badly need me some art folks.

- Gerard


  1. Thanks for featuring Sean :)
    Great words about the inspiration.
    PS: Houda Shretah 's pics don't come up for me :(

  2. You're welcome. :D Thank you too.
    I fixed the photos, hopefully it'll come up now. :D

  3. Now the pics are where they should. She really is breathtaking. She can twist and pose herself well, like a model should.

  4. True that...She's beautiful. Hey James, do you have a blog? And I'm interested...Where have you learned about my blog? :D I want to follow you back, cause we seem to have the same interests.

  5. I do not have a blog. Had it many years ago...but it was in Polish anyway, and it got deleted for lack of usage later. As I said, I'm not that good in Web 2.0 ;-)
    As for learnign aboutyour blog - I think I first saw the tumblr equivalent, but what I was searching for, I don't know. I suspect it was something O'Pry connected probably :P