Monday, May 2, 2011


You know when it comes to men's fashion, Dolce & Gabbana is up where the gods are.
And after you see the collection and the backstage footages you know two things.

1.) This is the only place in the world were UGLY people DO NOT exist. It's that beautiful all the time, having to ban ugly or just plain normal people from the backstage could actually pass as a law.

2.) Perfect English is BAD english. The only English you could talk here is broken, accented and romantic sounding English (and by that I mean any foreign accent) ...and you could damn well pass as a spokesperson for the brand just as long as you pass rule number one.

IT IS worth the note though that models like David "Dolce & Gabbana Man" Gandy is an exception. He's British (so he sort of violates and passes rule number 2) and has actually set rule number 1. But since he's already Dolce & Gabbana's David, he's perfect! hahaha


Now my dream is to do casting for Dolce & Gabbana in the future. I'm serious.
And THEN be one of their models.

First one yes, second one, well I might be violating rule number 1. hahaha

- Gerard


  1. Bobby Nicolas is so cute and charming :D And that guy juggling with water too. It's strange to hear them talk...well, I know they can talk - but you see them on the catwalk usually, where they're only supposed to look, not to be audible :P

  2. Hi James. I never knew Bobby Nicolas until this video. He's quite the charmer. The guy juggling the water bottle is Terron Wood...He's so energetic, I'm jealous.
    I do get you. It seems like perfect people don't usually talk (I kid). hahaha

  3. Hi G :)

    At least you know about a dozen of other models :) I've just recently discovered the fact that Sean O'Pry does exist and this fact is bothering me much, and my hard drive's space too ;-) Don't really know any other names, they all run by common name "oh that handsome one" :P Well maybe with exception for Marcus Schenkenberg but I think he might be a part of different generation from who we see modelling here and on other shots ? :P
    Wondering if there's FuckYeahBobbyNicolas website created already :P

  4. Sean O'pry's a real person. BUT don't you worry. I also thought that name and that face was some great CGI or something. Can't possibly be real. hahaha...I don't know Marcus Schenkenberg. But his name looks familiar. Go start FuckYeahBobbyNicolas, I'll follow you! :D

  5. I know he's real....after all they managed to shoot the movies with him ;) I just didn't know he existed at all.
    Marcus Schenkenberg - I think he might be out of business already. I had a crush on him in 90's.

    Ok, I did make FuckYeahBobbyNicolas :P
    Don't really know what to do with it now, I suppose I should find pics of Bobby and post them there ? Too bad there are no Bobby's pics around, at least not the one I'm googling for heh :P I'm too oldschool when it comes to "Web 2.0", i'm definietly the 1.0 version :P

  6. Marcus is familiar, now that I've looked him up. hahaha.
    I started following you. I love it! Yeah, that's what you basically do. Just keep posting photos of him on Tumblr...Usually, you have to beat everyone else just so they'd see you're REALLY a huge fan. I wish you good luck though cause Bobby's new and it'll be hard to look up photos of him.
    Web 2.0 is hard for me as well. ahhaha...Believe me.

  7. Thanks for following. Whatever favor it does me hehe :)
    I started to search for Bobby. He's hard to recognize sometimes :P Wish I was better at recognizing people ;)