Friday, April 1, 2011

Printed Matters

In the dry afternoons of summer, what we're planning to do is to walk around, talk about whatever's worth talking about and while we're at it, take to the streets printed shirts that are as easy, cool and light as any ideal summer look ought to be. 

Welcome to a Salt exclusive shoot, featuring SM Boys' Teens Wear Department's affordable and neat summer offerings for basically everyone. Photographed by super photographer/friend Lesley Choa, one of my best friends, Tj Estrada and I have gone 'round to test the afternoon in SMBTW's printed matters.

on Tj left: Undefeated shirt,
on me right: Mickey Mouse Spray painted shirt

You might not see it, but Tj's Undefeated shirt is the perfect counterpoint to my Mickey Mouse shirt. On Tj's is a photo of a man, wearing blinders and on his head Mickey's ears, the photo rendered dark and a little moody. Hence the story of him being the bad Mickey (what with all his dark, sober colors) and I being the good Mickey (thanks to so much perked up hues).

Tj: Team Manila Klasik shirt
Me: the Daily Grind shirt

Summer's one of the best reasons to wear some shorts and to pair these basic shorts with, we chose shirts that'll draw attention, like my Daily Grind "Gai Jin" shirt and Tj's Team Manila Klasik "Salisalita sakalye ngManila TeamManila Klasik".

Me: "Teenage Stray" James Dean shirt
Tj: Charlie Chaplin shirt both by Undefeated

My idea was to give tribute to Old Hollywood icons, my idol James Dean and the ultra talented, legendary Mr. Charlie Chaplin. Tj's idea was to shoot this inspired by those models off duty and how they look like on JakandJil photos. The first one, I say is a success. The second one, is quite alright... And yes, we smoke and I drank way too much Coke for my own good. But that was the inspiration. (Tj pointed out that I should've had Coke Zero or Light but the regular one popped best on photos).

Me: "Bossing Para!" shirt by Team Manila Klasik
Tj: "A Mouthful O' Knowledge" shirt by Daily Grind

I badly wanted to play tennis that afternoon but I couldn't find a tennis ball (hahaha) and we only had one racket. As you might've guessed it, yes, the styling's intention was to sort of match things up but at the same time made sure it had contrasts. This last look both had statements on them and speech bubbles. Seeing them on their hangers didn't really make much sense other than those two similarities, but it turns out they looked so great together on photos. The colors, especially.

Visit SM Boys' Teens Wear Department's Facebook page for more information on their collections, status-as-advice posts AND most of all a chance to win 5,000 pesos weekly from SM as prize from their contest. What contest? First off, like their Facebook page. Second, check out the details on the page itself for SM's lookbook contest and search for the application. Once the dirty work's done, go ahead and get your own talented photographer or if you are one, take a photo of your self sporting at least (2) of SMBTW's pieces purchased during the promo period. Got it? Then, once you're done, upload it on SMBTW's Facebook page and make sure to gather all your friends to have them vote for your photo. If you're photo is that good and you manage to beat everyone else with the number of votes/likes you get, then you're definitely going shopping in SM and you could forget about your wallet.
Go be creative and celebrate your own style!

Thanks to Lesley Choa, Tj Estrada and SM Boy's Teens Department for the amazing clothes you've got on your shelves. Keep them coming SM. You've found new customers in us.


- Gerard

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