Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Model Life

Charlie Westberg, Simon "the pout" Nessman, Aaron "beefcake" O'Connell and Linus Gustin @ Jeffrey Fashion Cares

Those colors!
They're such beautiful colors. These hues would do perfect out on the beach, and if you've got Aaron "beefcake" O'Connell's built, you'd be beyond fine. But what's most eyepopping in this photo is Simon Nessman's face.

It could stare you down to hell cause he's way too pretty for you. I honestly feel like the reason why this picture came to be, how Aaron fit in is to have his shirt off. That's how he fights for the center spotlight with Nessman's face. 

Imagine the life of a model...The constant care for your looks....I can't be a model. I just ate like a huge brownie and my face is nothing like Nessman's and my body's far from being an O'Connell (and I'd never want to be this huge). 

But you can't deny it, these dudes are aspirational. Like the super sexy, damn mighty fine Giselle for the ladies.

- Gerard

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