Thursday, March 31, 2011

How's it looking (so far)

Doing the "model-off-duty" photos.
"Teenage Stray"/James Dean shirt left, Tj Estrada in Charlie Chaplin shirt all by SM Boys' Teens Wear Department
Photo by Lesley Choa

The shoot is done.
Our Salt exclusive, mini-project took place yesterday, under a pretty dizzying after lunch sun. Photographer, friend and all-round whitest girl in the world, Lesley Choa took some real great photos, most of which I never expected to look so brilliant. I was too preoccupied with sweating and making sure that we got our shots than looking at the pictures.
So, when I got them just minutes ago on my e-mail I was pretty pleased with the outcome. It was fun shopping around SM yesterday, looking for great shirts that Tj could wear along with what I've already bought. And even Tj was amazed at just how much you could find at SM Boys' Teens Wear Department. 

The photos will be up tomorrow night and all the final photos will be there. As you know, it's a shirt story and you're going to see lots of sunglasses as well since it is summer. If you haven't heard and if you haven't liked SM Boys' Teens Wear Department's Facebook page, SM is holding a contest. 

For all teenage boys out there the contest is all about you wearing at least 2 items purchased during the promotion period (which is on now) from the SM Boys' Teens Wear Department. Whatever style you swear by, it's perfectly fine. Applications will be sent soon, I believe so you could have your photos uploaded on their Facebook page and when it's that good, voters could put you on top of the entire contest. If you're the highest, you definitely win a prize (trust me, I'd want to win that prize). And the prize is no joke. It's some serious prize they're offering, so better do good. I'll be posting more details by tomorrow, so you could start your own shoot. 

As for Tj and I, well, we're pretty satisfied with what we've got, shopping from SM Boys' Teens Wear Deparment. Those shirts we bought will be on heavy rotation I tell you, during these scorching days of summer. And the photos are proof that you'd want to pile up on them for sure.

Here are more news: ROGUE has finally granted me headline space. Though I haven't got my name on it, my Chuck Taylor piece (thank you LA) made it the headlines and that's been on my wishlist for a long time, so thank you ROGUE. PLEASE grab yourselves a copy, not just cause I wrote for this issue, but because it'll blow your sucks off. It's an AMAZING cover, I promise you. Probably their best.

GOODIES magazine, the online magazine that got me as a columnist (thank you Kelvin) finally published my review of Patrik Ervell's aerial collection. Check out what GOODIES has got for you from hot ladies to music news to people worth reading about. GOODIES is all about every man's interest, trust me, it's a cool new avenue for what's great now. 

And before I bid goodnight, here are more of the outtakes from our shoot yesterday. ALL PHOTO credit goes to Lesley "Le Sizzle" Choa. Thank you Lesley, thank you Tj and thank you to SM Boys' Teens Wear Department for all the great clothing options you NOW offer everyone.

The Bad Mickey Good Mickey look.
Tj in an Undefeated shirt, TOPMAN button down, Me in a Mickey Mouse Disney shirt and H&M Button down
T-shirts from SM Boys' Teens Wear Deparment
Take note of my face. ahahahah

The sportiest we could do:
Bossing Para! shirt by Team Manila Klassik and Mouth Full O' Knowledge shirt by the Daily Grind
from SM Boys' Teens Wear Deparment
I look damn pregnant here. Tsk. hahaha...

P.S. I just might be pregnant. :))

- Gerard

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