Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh, Pry

O'pry: "Turks and Caicos last night, NYC today...kinda sad to be back"

So GQ gets Backyard Bill to chronicle five of NYFW's most stylish dudes and a lady  for their 5X7: A Fashion Week Photo Journal, and aside from my new style icon, Philip Crangi, they took photos of who else, but Mr. Sean O'pry. And one of the best reasons why---if ever came the time, I'd be a good lawyer for Sean O'pry on court, is that he's such a brilliant, humble and witty kid (cause I believe we're the same age). 

I'm not as witty as him, or maybe I wouldn't know my own wit, but point is, Sean O's humor and personality has as much pull as his (forgive the language) good-fucking-handsome face. And you begin to wonder, what does Baptiste have that Sean doesn't, reason why he's ONLY number 2 in the world of male modeling? You just have to keep asking, and wondering, and pondering about it... And based on his really whip-funny one-liners, it seems like his Facebook account's a huge question mark (if you add him up on Facebook, you'll realize just how screwed up this "Sean's" english is, when his videos and his interviews reveal a totally different person...So please, the REAL Mr. O'pry, please tell that dude on FB to just drop the act....).

Like Garrett Neff, O'pry for me goes number one, not just cause he'll melt you off your bones, yes, even when you're as straight as a straight line that face will bend you a little, but because he's got real personality. There are those good lookers out there, racking up all the campaigns but fall short on personality. O'pry just makes you feel like you want to be his best friend and dance and pop balloons and just make bad faces all day long---which is easy for me and extra, extra hard for him. What's so funny too is that of all his photos for this GQ project, the only one where he smiles is his last day and he says he's glad fashion week's over...Apparently, the weather I'd love to have, he'd rather trade it in for a place that it's so hot "that it wouldn't matter..." It's keeping him down. Well, I'm glad he still pulls it off stylishly...This is the peg y'all... The model-off-duty thing.

Someday O'pry, I'll meet you. And I'll make sure I'll have wit to match yours.

Day 5: "I hate the damn cold, it can decapitate itself. Bring me spring,
because I don't think I have enough fashionable outfits to outlast these daily updates."

Day 3:  Sean: "My preferred style? To live somewhere hot enough that it
doesn't matter.
Me: "Go to the Philippines Sean...Here it never matters"

Day 2: "Don't get a dog with your girlfriend, cause when you break up
she'll keep it"

And the only time he smiles... Day 7:
"Happy Fashion Week's over, now just ready for the weather to give me
some warmth to work on my gold game."


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