Monday, February 21, 2011

All Sexed-Up

Why wouldn't you do laundry like this if you had a body like that? Right?

Don't you worry, Salt's not getting porno on you...
This is a product of my break, from being burried deep in books...I love it you know, reading and flipping through things you'd like and not really choose on days that you have a choice...Anyway, Cindy posted this video on Jemma's wall and it's real cool. Rihanna's just too sexy for words. The song though is really good. It's gotten stuck in my head the moment I played it. The video though may cause seizures what with all the colors changing...But I'm fine, so don't worry.

And on a different website, Baptiste Giabiconi stars in a shoot that has him stripping down to his drawers...It's not that caught my attention, but it was rather Baptiste's different look. For the first time, the number one male model in the world, struck me as someone rather...normal...Usually he's too made up. But here he looks pretty natural. Plus check out what he's got to say (that I'm sure got the model and the model-crazed world shaking) about him and Karl Lagerfeld.
"People will always talk about me and Karl but it doesn't bother me. What's wrong with being a homosexual anyway?" 

Well I for one have been saying "sexy" a lot lately, I don't know why. But I still wish I'd be just sexy as any of them here, Baptiste or Rihanna... Of course I'm kidding. My ideal body is that of a fat cat's. So it's cute...and slightly sexy, but that'd be way too creepy...

(I may look back on this post and laugh...I'm out of it folks...)


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