Monday, January 3, 2011

Lady, is Good

I'm loving this...

I've seen Liz Uy twice in my life. 
One was last Wednesday, I think, when Tj and I went to High Street. The Uy siblings were going to the Facehunter's book signing event and, while Tj and I knew the Facehunter, we weren't fans and had zero money to spare for his book (and wouldn't that be the ultimate letdown? To buy a book just because he's there?) and on the top floor of Fullybooked, all of Manila's fashion peeps were present...

The other time I saw Liz Uy was during a certain September event they hosted in Rockwell. It was 2009 and the cover was of Kim Chiu. 

And everytime I see her, she's just awfully tall. That's the first impression I have and of course, she's always so well-turned out and svelte and put-together, that despite the lots of eye-catching kids around, this lady you'll most definitely pay attention to.

NOW, she's cover girl for the magazine she works for and may I say that it's a spectacular cover?
It looks so fresh, so clean. It wakes you up, but doesn't shock you to life. The fonts, as usual, I'll get warmed up to...But it's a bright way to start the year...Great work Preview team, yet again.

Manila, I have to be very honest, with the covers you've been showing you make it so hard for me to leave...And no, I can't pull a Liz Uy, being cover boy (girl) for a magazine...What I do want is to work for a magazine and that's it...I'd be very very happy. Now it excites me more to see what the others and Preview will be showing us this year.


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  1. I love it, too! :)
    I agree with what you said that you'll really turn your head towards here despite the many good-looking girls around :)