Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Mood Board # 1

Before heading to bed hours ago, around 2 something am, I went through my usual fashion inspiration hunting game, clicking here and there, typing this and that and finally landing on the best editorial I've seen in ages: Last year's GQ Style UK story Cool School styled by David Lamb and photographed by Doug Inglish, who has got to be one of the better photographers of this time. I've always dreamt of a photoshoot like this, where it's playful, and acting candid did turn out to be candid after all. These are the kinds of shoots I like and when Lesley takes my photos, I think I'd do well posing in these ways rather than just standing still. Others have got that down quite well, but I have to be more lively. (Dear Lesley take note! :D)

Anyway, this is my first "mood board" and a friend of mine, Kaye Matriano who has a blog of her own, please do visit, told me one day that while searching for inspiration she went through this blog. So I figured, well, if people go here for inspiration, meaning fashion photos or just photos I guess, why not be selfless and share with them some of my favorite finds around the web? I do that sure for THE EDGE, but here, it's all relateable and less themed, as another friend of mine puts it. 

So anyway, welcome to my very first The Mood Board, and whatever I post for The Mood Board will probably be my current state of mind and this exactly how I want me to be right: wearing these no brainer clothes, chilling at somebody else's cool front porch, choking someone else while wearing Ralph Lauren  this or a GAP that (of course the brands don't matter, but they fit in this situation cause it's from a fashion magazine), hanging out with Noah Mills, Arthur Kulkov and Andrey Ivanov, doing all silly things, and just taking it easy. What I like most about the whole story are the colors, they're fresh and bright but not verging on a sort of juvenile optimism that would probably feel too blinding or unbecoming for a story in GQ Style UK. This one, has got a slight darkness to it and it appeals real and just as fun. I love these photos, even when they're from last year's Spring collections. Enjoy!

- Gerard

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