Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Best

and all you could ever say is, well, it's ROGUE

To the ROGUE team,

This by far, has to be the finest, most elegant and sexiest cover I've seen from you guys this year. Me and my friends fear that maybe one day, you guys will run out of beautiful ladies or ideas to use for a cover, then again there are plenty of ladies that fit the ROGUE bill  and I know your team has nothing to fear.

This is an amazing way to end an excellent year, and to start a new one too, which I am sure will be just as superb as all the issues you've published since day one. I couldn't wait to flip through this issue when you guys finally mail it, and of course, I'd always be grateful to LA Consing Lopez for trusting me, yet again for this issue's Retail Therapy and Get The Look.

ROGUE will never disappoint and I know that, as I've always mentioned, local publications might (and will) crumble, but you guys will always be as polished, intelligent and a master class at real, quality Filipino talent, one that appeals to various corners of the world. Now, the challenge is---which is all just rhetorical---to top this Amanda Griffin cover off with one that's unexpected, yet classy in true ROGUE fashion.


P.S. You know, when you reach 5 years, coming up with a huge book of all your covers and great photos isn't such a bad idea...And I'm sure a LOT will be paying for it. Count me in.


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