Thursday, November 18, 2010


Bryle: I'm dizzy, but I have to look nice.
Me: It's Biggest Loser Time, It's Daddy's Favorite show...
Photo by Mr. Aaron "AA" (as I love to call him) Articulo

Bryle, whatever it is you're feeling, I'm sure we have a solution for that...
And as for my face...Well, I say I like my face looking quite surprised.
Candid photos are better sometimes.

P.S. AA, I'm hoping for more, better photos to come....Thank you, always the best.



  1. Amazing outfits, you two! Now if only men would be tailor-fit with their clothes like you guys, MNL would be a more fashionable place!!!


  2. Hi Shari! Aww, you're too kind. :D
    Thank you... :)
    Well, a lot of guys at our school dress better (at least than I do), but still, very much appreciated.