Thursday, November 11, 2010

Man About Town

It's thick and it's clean and it's Man About Town

One (among two) of my favorite photographers, whose probably on her way to making it big anytime soon, Lesley, brought AND bought me Man About Town from Singapore.
I really wanted a copy cause for me, the cover summarized the mood of the year...And I never had any copy of Man About Town. She checked my wishlist before so she could get me something and it's the sweetest, heartwarming thing ever.

I told her I'll make sure I get her something this Christmas and I'm a man of my words. Plus, she deserves it. Lesley's one of the nicest people I know in school and nice people deserve gifts. She's also a friend of mine and I'm really excited (and pressured) to get her something...I was feeling a little down today, thanks to that awful dream and some other issues and receiving a gift just makes everything a little better. But actually, even though it's all cheesy, the idea really counts more than the actual thing. Just to be remembered is awfully nice to know. Don't you worry Leszles, I will give back real soon.


So happy. :D


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