Wednesday, October 6, 2010

(We) Like it By the Window

The window display at Hermes in Melbourne

This Facebook campaign of sorts for Breast Cancer Awareness is quite the charm.
After being bothered by all the girls (and girl-likes) posting how they like it somewhere, I Googled it and realized that it was such a brilliant way to reach out and educate people about the cause. And since it's all about where women like their purses to be on, I realized that a true shopper at heart likes it BEST when it's staring at you from behind a cold, spotless window, igniting the fires of your stylish and romantic possibilities (and I understand, of course, that if it's Hermes, it's a whole new story).

That's probably one of the girliest things in me that I surrender too. I'm a big sucker for handsome window displays and perfect, perfect bags bathing under warm lights, just waiting for your purchase. Right after all the painful credit-card slashing and the continuous ringing of your conscience you realize that it's good to let it stay there...The exciting part about windows and the art and beauty in it is seeing the prospects of an elegant, beautiful future with the bag on display. And just like relationships and real good art, it's actually more perfect (if there is such a thing) just letting it be, behind that spotless glass window, untouched, unscathed and all too beautiful, free for your contemplation. Because sometimes, possessing it doesn't actually bring you as much joy as contemplating over it.


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