Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dance Dance

Such a pink cover.

I've always been intrigued by HERCULES magazine mainly because of their covers.
It's rare to find this publication round here and I just might get myself an issue shipped when they cover, oh I don't know, any of my favorite models and (if they do) celebrities.
But this one is quite an interesting combo: Givenchy muse, Maria Carla Boscono and the famous ballet dancer, Roberto Bolle.
What is it about Robert Bolle that the fashion people love? Is it his ripped body? His face? Or the fact that he's this masculine looking and does ballet? (not that I'm diseased with "that" kind of bias). Hmmmm....
I guess I have to study more on this Mr. Robert Bolle. He's been around the fashion glossies for quite some time now. VOGUE, this month's French VOGUE and more.


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