Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Birthday Wishlist

Before you head on to all the greedy things, one thing I really want for my 21st
would be a cupcake with a sparkler on it.
Pathetic, I know. hahahah

Because Sportswear International invited me to a fashion summit,
a vacation to Frankfurt, Germany on December

British GQ, Jon Hamm, International Man of the Year

Living on the edge, biography by Michael Munn
*swooning* Miansai Hooked Bracelet in Red
(or anything from Miansai or that looks like their bracelets)

Burberry Sport Chronograph in black

Super iconic, French VOGUE

Sony NEX-5...

The fine, Samsung Galaxy S

J. Crew's Denim Utility Shirt
Man About Town Fall 2010

Nine days before my 21st birthday and I'm already poisoned by things I want (I know, this is criminal).
But hey, it's free to make a birthday wishlist and you could call me a hoarder---especially if I do get all these---and I wouldn't take it against you.
I'm going to hell for all these greedy desires.
Lord, bless me...

Still thinking of treating my friends out to dinner. But I'm bad at making decisions. This'll take me forever.


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