Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baddest Boy in town

This is probably for popping all those balloons Sean

Thank you Andy Warhol for the inspiration.
You know, if there's one thing Sean O'pry is guilty of, it's being too handsome. There's no point in proving he's guilty of it when you can see it.
A guilty man should be sent to jail. And a very very very very handsome man must rot in jail.

Nah. I'm joking. He'd never go to jail. And if he did, I bet it's because he is just to damn f-ing gwapo.
Good job Sean O. for being the Baddest Boy in town. With all your appearances in important magazines and campaigns this month, I'm sure you're on your way to a much-deserved number 1.

P.S. My birthday's on the 16th and this is featured on British GQ, with Jon Hamm as one of the covers (another "criminal"). So you know what to give me on the 16th! hahahaha


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