Friday, September 3, 2010

Very Much Grace

Beach Beauty for Fall...Perfect
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Dear Grace Coddington,

Your work for the September 2010 issue of VOGUE is beyond words.
You wear black-on-black to work and orange rubber shoes and you create pages that make my heart skip a beat. That's talent. That's charm. And that's, most of all, very much Grace.
It is true what they say about you being one of the best stylists out there of all time.

I am crazy about your collaboration with the talented Edward Enninful for the Fashion's Night Out spread and I am incredibly in love with Lara Stone, shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott dressed in chunky sweaters and chic cardigans. You do create stories and had you tried penning a novel (I'm not quite sure if you already have) it'd be just as vivid as your photos. Setting it on the beach in probably the cooler days of the year and capturing it perfectly on photo by the duo is just as good as feeling the crisp cool wind brush against my cheek. It's beautiful work.

Hopefully, you'd stay as creative, influential and inspiring for more years of fashion at VOGUE. You turn dreams unto pages and pages into dreams. You're a driving force and I will always look forward to flipping through the fragrant pages of VOGUE to savor your work and talent. Thank you for making fashion magical....

P.S. I hope you could do styling for guys too. That'd knock me off my feet. Literally.



  1. your photo? great photography skills i must say..

  2. Yeah. Thank you...I took my digital camera, took a shot at the page and then did some tweaking.