Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Week...End

I was planning on dishing out something sarcastic for the new week, but everyone's been so bitter about tomorrow and the days ahead, that I decided I'd cancel on it.
Well, I can't blame them.
Instead of sticking out our tongues on Monday and work and school and the tons of irritating people and things that normally occupy us, why don't we all just sleep with a smile?'s cheesy, but I realized that when we really smile at things, it becomes a tiny bit lighter. Like that essay I was reading "On Prejudice" by William Hazlit. I hated it cause I couldn't understand it perfectly, but I had to finish it and learn it. I didn't really smile, but I tried to think of better things to inspire me.
And it worked.
We just have to lighten up a bit...Right?
I should stop preaching and suggesting cause I know that in the coming days I'd end up cranky like I'm on menopause.
Oh well. Thank God for a wonderful weekend and I hope we all feel, a little joyous about the new week.

A LITTLE BIT MORE AND IT'S SEPTEMBER...You know what that means....


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