Monday, August 16, 2010

Mr. President

Again, penciling in what you're supposed to do don't always inspire you to do it.
This is me, practicing free will. Man, do I feel troubled. Suddenly, everything I've known from Day one as a human being just went zerooooo....
Cindy and I went for consultation hours ago with Dr. Mariano for our report (cause up to now I couldn't spell dispo-something) and were we blown away.
In simple terms, talking to Dr. Mariano is like experiencing Inception first hand. It's amazing. And you don't need 3-D glasses.
You get to see and learn so much when you talk and listen to a man who's so brilliant, it's out of this world. The best part about his style of teaching is that he keeps reminding his students that life is not about the loftiest things, but actually is as simple as a sheet of clean paper.

I aspire to be someone like him. He's one to look up to. And though he talks a lot, shares a lot, you want to know more about him. Like his birthday, his age, where he went to high school, his favorite color and all those interesting things. And he seems almost always patient and excited about a student figuring out that one plus one is damn two, and that there are THREE dimensions in space.
I look up to him so much that I seriously want that tattoo inked on my wrist..."Lift". Well, I hope I'll find me the courage to have it done---because knowing me, I'd rather run from Ortigas to Baguio than feel pain....Or maybe not.

Point is, he's probably one of the brightest men I've ever met. And being a student of him is a real honor. I hope all professors in the world would be like him. Even if we know so little of him, I'm sure that he deserves (even more) that beautiful spot in the President of the university. The moment he looks at you through his glasses and asks you anything such as "Is the red you experience the same red that I experience?", you feel like your soul is being tested or your mind is being purged of all its superfluous knowledge. Well, I hope he'd appreciate our report on Wednesday.

I do have enough time to read two to three readings for my two tests this week. I just have to lift myself off my cold, cold bed (I know, I know, beds are supposed to be warm, but I really like it when my bed is cold...Especially when it's cool under the pillows) and grab my bag, shuffle through papers and readings.

I just spent hours clicking through Carlos Concepcion's blog. I like his style cause it's incredibly different from mine and he's very interesting. I don't know him but I see him a lot in magazines and dropping by his blog sort of gives you an idea about who he is and what he does. Anyway, check his blog out. And just like every other style, culture, movie conscious guy out there, he has a post or two on James Dean. It's true that James Dean has to be one of the most iconic men in the world. Count me in as a billionth something among his dead and living fans.

I am also a HUGE fan of JFK (great segway?! And that's the reason why I started and will end this post on "Presidents"). Whenever summer comes and the sun just kisses you too much, I think of JFK. He is one of American style's most prominent arbiters and also one of the world's most famous presidents. It's such a rare occasion for a politician to influence style and JFK's one of them. And if I may, categorize my style, it'd be JFK trying on 90s grunge. I know, it's so vain, but hey, that's how I feel. Respect (hahaha). And as a closing quote for today's long-enough-for-this-generation post, I conjure the spirit of the late and great JFK for inspiration:

Back to my responsibilities.


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  1. Gosh. I'm already nervous about my consultation with Dr. Mariano. Seriously, I feel so little in his presence. He's like a reincarnation of Aristotle or something!

    Loads of good luck, Gerard! This week's gonna be rough, but we'll all pull through!

    Now back to historiography :(