Wednesday, August 18, 2010

James on Graduation

The moment I finished Rebel without a Cause, sometime last year I think, I decided that I want to be James Dean for at least a day. And that day would be on our batch's graduation picture taking.
I tweeted minutes ago that no one should copy that. I know, I'm soooo high school. But yeah. Well, I'm actually excited about it. Not about my picture, but about graduation day.
It scares me, and it pulls me to a beautiful future.
I will miss college though. I will miss it so much.
Hopefully, by the time I get to graduation picture taking I already have myself a new cat. We've been catless for about months now and it's a little depressing. Now, every person I see that kind of resembles a cat, I fall in love with. I'm crazy. I think I need to get myself into cat rehab or something.
I have a long day tomorrow and I don't even know why I'm online.
Good night everyone and stay single and happy, married and happy, in a relationship and happy and just plain happy!

P.S. The moment anyone would call me an FPJ on our picture taking (since I'll be wearing a red jacket, white shirt, jeans and boots) I'll drop on the floor on a fit. People don't always get it you know. hahaha


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