Sunday, August 29, 2010

Imagine That

Imagine that, a date with the late, great John Lennon.
I must admit that when I got the assignment from the boss, I felt threatened. I didn't grow up listening to the Beatles, has probably Can't Buy Me Love buried somewhere in my aged iPod along with Imagine sung by Lea Salonga and has 46% knowledge of Lennon. Of course I know he's a talented man, a wonderful poet and advocate of sorts who had passed away too early for our slightly starved generation. Heck, I don't even know how old he'd be if he still lives up to today. Then again, I am trained and driven to know anyone and anything for a job that I love doing: writing.

Besides, all my years of education (and common sense) would only go to waste if I cower at this task. So, I decided to go on a Lennon fever for an entire day tomorrow. The assignment is to describe an icon's style, their influences and how people of today could learn from them. It's actually easy once you sit down and slap yourself across the face to get to it and when you're done, and it reads like a dream, it's gratifying. But of course, before it reaches Gatsby heights, I have to go through a painful process of editing (God knows how long that'd take). But then when the computer's got the best of your bloody eyes and your brain's reduced to a peanut, it's all worth it. Maybe that's my masochistic inclination to writing...Like how one of my best friends, Bob, has this odd fascination with headaches and not sleeping for days and days. I guess Bob and John Lennon would be good friends, not cause they're both weird in their own special way, but because I know they'd click.

How's the weekend so far?
I hope it's good. I've been a victim of failed plans, ones that I've been waiting for since Monday last week. But there are more better things to appreciate, like my 10 hour sleeps and afternoons in bed listening to my stomach digest...I finally get to rest and read the books I've been planning to. Like James Dean's biography, Zafon's mystery The Shadow of the Wind, and a lot of cool magazines. Those failed plans actually seem like nothing, now that I'm enjoying my self at home. I was this close to feeling moody when I realized that the things I had wanted to do for this weekend failed to push through, thankfully I had knocked myself some sense. It's pathetic to whine about being at home when you're pushing 21...For the love of God, I told myself, I have to grow up...So after that realization I just went to read and hours later, I got lost in worlds unknown to me and before I knew it I was having fun. Thank God for literature...

Well, I'm off to more Lennon research. You, what do you think was Lennon's style about? Or basically what he was about. I know what my Greek Plays professor thinks of Lennon... Dr. Arguelles thinks Lennon's not just about the round glasses and the anti-war fashion, but a man who advocates his vision of the world through his clothes. And I'd LOVE to thank him for that mentoring session. I learned so much about the Beatles and Marcos during those 45 minutes. Imagine that...

P.S. Lennon is actually a good-looking man. Especially when he got older, with the shorter hair. AND he's a Libra....You know me, always rooting for my co-Libras.

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