Friday, August 13, 2010

The Guide to Melting

David Gandy & Garrett Neff for Massimo Dutti

It's no doubt that the world of fashion is pretty small for two handsome dudes. Last Spring was Garrett Neff's stint for Massimo Dutti and he was perfect for it. For Fall, it's now British Dolce & Gabbana man, David Gandy who's staring through those lenses (and much like all the other beautiful people of the world) melting your wretched souls. It's not really about taking sides, cause there's no point to it. I mean, taking sides is ugly.
It's about learning the ways when one desires to melt people's souls. Add in here Sean O' Pry, Simon Nessman, Terron Wood and Noah Mills, then it'd be the end of the world. For the girl version, keep checking Salt for updates (and the mega-watt melters).



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