Saturday, August 14, 2010


*Let's take a break from reading Naturalist and Realist Literature*
I want one.
I seriously want one. When I saw it on TV, and it's cool advert I told myself, let all the heavens open up and give me, the gift for saving up money for this baby. It's so sexy, it's eyegasmic.
I already have a name for it. It's that beautiful. Of course, for a $600 camera, it's worth it, right? I mean, it functions like an SLR (I think it is an SLR) and a digital camera. That's where the problem comes in...
I have zero knowledge over cameras, and getting me this is like giving a 14 year old a driver's license and a BMW. People who know so much about photography and cameras might point at my pathetic desire to own a camera that I have no idea of operating. A poser indeed...But hey, I want to try my hand at photography too. No one says one can't be a Renaissance man, right?
But seriously, I want this and I will definitely need help when I do get this. Or maybe I should just shop myself to death with $600...
Question is, when will the heavens open up for me? And will it ever open up for me even if it's not judgement day?
I shall pray...

Sony Nex-5, you are one sexy thang indeed.


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  1. It functions like an SLR, but it's as light as a digicam, methinks. Sexxxayyy. Nice lens too!