Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Probably the VERY FIRST time in history that I decided to take to the blogosphere some selfish portraiture. Well, not exactly, but what I mean is putting on a blog---ideally---daily looks and thoughts that are a hundred percent readable. Most of the time though this blog would be populated by better-looking people and things and I know soon, this would turn out to be one random, super style, art and culture-oriented online diary.

So for my first ever SALT post, I bring you a picture of me, with credits to my most favorite photographer (one among a few) Lesley Choa. This was taken last Monday, under the smoldering noon sun. Don't ever buy weather forecast cause they usually tell you lies (I'm kidding). I was led to believe that that day would turn out grey and gloomy and rainy. Oh well.

As you all know, I own and operate with the coolest and most stylish friends the Institution of Style and also my fashion blog THE EDGE. I decided that this photo shouldn't be part of it the former. I'd take this portion of the internet as my own sort of "look book", just to share with people my style, since others who know about my writings have rarely seen what I look like and how I dress. And this is a warning (of sorts) that sometimes, I look great, and sometimes, I'm just plain and ordinary. But that's exactly my cause for this blog, that in a sea of Manila's incredibly stylish people, there are those like me who take it spare and simple. That's because we believe less is hell of a lot more. Like salt...It only matters most when you use little of it because the smallest portion goes a llloooooooonnnnnnnnngggggggggg way.

I'd be updating soon, if my busy schedule allows it (as now I am cramming an art paper about sculpture...bad).

Much Love Kids

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