Friday, July 30, 2010


Dear GQ,

I came across your August issue's Introducing Pantless Saturdays and I don't know if I should smile or cry. Sure Chris Evans is awful handsome (sometimes it hurts), and Michael Cera is probably this generation's funniest man and Jason Schwartzman is, well, funny too and that it's August so it's all about humor, but I mean, why?

It is funny cause the clothes and the shoes are cool, but it's really the huge censored part you keep looking at (gay vibes, gay vibes, gay vibes). And it's also funny cause it all looks so normal. Did you guys really shoot them pantless? (I'm laughing right now).

But then there's something quite disturbing about it. Why couldn't you do something as funny without the need for suggestive concepts? It's just weird.

Well, whatever you guys do, I look up to the magazine. I'm just slightly unsure and puzzled about these ones.

And finally, why not pantless Mondays? Aren't Mondays the worst days of the week? It'll be better if people started walking around the office or school on a Monday without pants.

(For the way-too-serious group, leave my blog. Go somewhere else where humor sort of doesn't exist. Thanks)


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